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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

weekly appointments now

and i have to say that my sister regina is an angel.
not only does she take ALL six of my kids in while i go to a three hour minimum appointment, but she homeschools them as well- at least when they remember their backpacks(ahem- henry- ahem).

i woke up sometime before 5 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. i kept thinking about how i needed to get school stuff ready and kids ready and in the car before 8:30 and don't forget breakfast and oh yeah, chris needs clothes ironed, and throw some clothes in the wash before i go, did i forget anything????

it was so cold last night and i had left the window open. after my shower i had a huge fit of shivers, chattering teeth, and whole body shakes. it couldn't have been just the cold room. it was so massive i felt like throwing up. like i was in late labor transition. i quickly jumped back in the shower and stayed there until i felt my body was warm enough to retain heat until i got dressed.
it had to be stress. there is no other explanation. i was so worried about the appointment.
after i dropped the kids off at regina's house with their schoolbooks, a large bowl of cut watermelon, a gallon of milk, and some granola, i headed on my way.
i went into chick-fil-a for a biscuit since the line was long and as i crossed the parkinglot i saw a car very similar to chris' car. my heart leapt and sunk all at once. it rejoiced because i thought he wiped his morning schedule so he could come with me and miraculously knew i'd stop at chick-fil-a. it plummeted very soon after when i realized that this was completely impossible.
i had to fight back a minor tear-up so i could order and be on my way.
it's strange how i can walk through life and not realize what i'm feeling until the feeling is relieved. once relieved i sit and think "wow! i was REALLY stressed!"
so in chick-fil-a the relief was just a mini-break from the stress.

i got alot of spanish homework done while waiting for my belly check. my measurements were small, 33 weeks. but he measured during a contraction so i can probably add a couple weeks at least. he was still head down and he had a heartbeat.

then dr. tate treated me to quite a few breech "war stories". you could see the glint in his eye when he recalled a double footling breech extraction. or when he recounted the tale of annie- the famous triplet vbac. it made me want to sign up for medical school at emory, just so i could study under him and learn the lost art of forceps, frank breech delivery, and paracervical blocks.
i almost felt like a normal pregnant woman, and when i left the office i looked forward to him delivering jedi- a doctor so experienced and so confident, yet so compassionate.


  1. I'm so glad you were able to find such a good doctor!

  2. Monday night I dreamt that you were giving my husband and I a tour of your home and we stopped in one of the children's bedrooms. You had to stop talking because you were going to throw up... Strange that you felt so sick in real life too.

    We pray for you and Jedidiah every day.

  3. I'm glad you had such a good appointment. And I really know what you mean about not knowing how you are feeling until something relieves it!! That is exactly how I am. I am trying to learn to detect it a little earlier so that things don't build up too much. But it is hard -- I get so focused on just getting done the things that need to be done and responding to the people around me. In some ways I think it is a gift -- what could I accomplish if I ran around a blubbery mess whenever I was stressed? But there is always that other side of the coin where I don't take care of myself enough and I do lose it in some way. Of course, the best remedy is always to spend some quiet time with Jesus and tell him everything.
    I love you. I wish I could do more for you.


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