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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ninth day of the blessed teresa novena

holiness is Jesus living and acting in me
"our works of charity are nothing but the overflow of our love of God from within. therefore, the one who is most united to Him loves her neighbor most."

"our activity is truly apostolic only in so far as we permit Him to work in us and through us- with His power, with His intense desire, with His love. we must become holy not because we want to feel holy, but because Christ must be able to live His life fully in us."

"let us spend ourselves with Him and for Him. let Him see with your eyes, speak with your tongue, work with your hands, walk with your fee, think with your head and love with your heart. is this not perfect union, a continual loving prayer? God is our loving Father. let your light of love so shine before man that seeing your good works(the washing, sweeping, cooking, loving your husband and the children) they may glorify the Father."

"be holy. holiness is the easiest way to satiate Jesus' thirst. His for you and yours for Him."

thought for the day

"charity for each other is the surest way to great holiness."

ask for the grace to become a saint. recite the prayer to blessed teresa


  1. Blessed Mother Theresa, pray for us!!

  2. Everyday is a gift. What a gift you have in your womb and around your womb with a love that flows from within to all around. My heart and prayers are with you. I wish I had known earlier you were doing this novena as I would've surely said it with you, but know that you are wrapped in prayers from the Welch family. Throughout this journey, we've asked the Sacred Heart of Jesus to care for you - what better care would you, Jedi and family need?
    Blessed Mother Theresa pray for us


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