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Friday, October 22, 2010

"I thirst"

the third day of the mother teresa novena really grabbed me.
i think it sums up what i've been feeling over the past week. i just feel so cherished, so loved, so special. i've started walking in the evenings now that the weather is nicer and just getting outside and permitting myself to be aware of all that is present- it really has helped me to feel grounded. it's quiet time spent with God. i don't say anything- He doesn't say anything. but i feel His and He is mine.
one thing that has come out of this journey is a deeper feeling of being loved by Him.
and i wouldn't change that in a million years. i wouldn't go back and choose to avoid this whole situation if i could.
He was not content to leave me living a comfortable american life. a life where true suffering is few and far between and where my reliance on Him was shallow rooted. He thirsts for me! can you believe it?
He wants me to enter deeper into this relationship with Him, that would require me relying on Him more, me communicating with Him more.
i feel so small and unworthy- but He thirsts for my small unworthiness.
and who am i to argue?


  1. beautiful reflection. You and your family are in my prayers. I am blessed by reading, thanks for sharing this with the world...

  2. You are very special to Him :) It's great to hear that He is choosing you and you are choosing Him!

  3. This is one of your most beautiful posts. Thank you. (And pleasant to read to the sounds of Brett Dennen.)


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