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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a big thank you

i bought a giant pack of thank you cards so i could acknowledge those people who have helped. it's overwhelming though, the amount of people who are pouring out support. and it comes in ALL kinds of forms. meals, gift cards, cleaning my house, babysitting, listening ears, quality time spent, beautiful personalized drawings by nieces:), kind, thoughtful, and compassionate comments made on the blog.
all these gifts have really been so touching. i can't possibly sit and pen "thank you"s to all the people who have reached out. i will still try though.
by far the most touching gift i've received are your prayers. they are my soul's balm.
yesterday- when i posted about kick counts- as soon as i clicked "publish" jedi decided to gift me with broad and swift kicks. it was amazing. i felt like the burden wasn't so focused on me- it was spread thin and you all were helping me carry it.


  1. I just noticed the link to your blog on the yahoo trisomy group page and decided to visit. I wanted to say how awesome it is of you to share your journey in this way. Your writing is beautiful and expresses many feelings that I have felt throughout my own journey but wasn't able to put into words. You, your family, and precious Jedidiah are in my prayers.
    Gayle, from the Living with Trisomy Yahoo group

  2. ~you reminded me how throughout all of my pregnancies, I took for granted all the kicks and was even irritated that my babies were waking me at 2 and 3am with all their movements... Instead of being irritated, I should have been praising God that they were alive and kicking at all... :/ ~You are so blessed!

    Never fear - We are continuing our prayers for all of you as the day of his first birth draws near...

  3. My daughter (Marina) and I offered our Rosary and Mass this morning for you and Jedi... Since it's the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, I went ahead and asked for a miracle for you too! ;)


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