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Saturday, October 23, 2010

quality time in the AM

it was a long day yesterday. i paused a few times when i felt jedi stretch- to thank God and make a mental note of the time.
but as the day went on i began to wonder when the last time i felt him was. i struggled to find a heartrate at bedtime and was relieved when i found it. it was lower than i normally find it- a good sign right?
so i got up at three. again.
in the quiet house i took a quiz that my online teacher posted yesterday, typed and prayed the ma t novena, and sat back and enjoyed an exhibition of kicks, jabs, and stretches.
it is SO nice.


  1. so glad you have this special time with him. I remember those days of MAtthew kicking too, some big, some faint. Prayers for you.

  2. Oh elizabeth, that sounds like there were some scary moments in your day. :( I am so glad you were rewarded with some good jabs and kicks.

  3. Elizabeth, you are just amazing. I don't know how you can do it - going to school, schooling your children, ironing your husband's shirts, all amidst this trial and blessing you've been given. I think I'd just have quit everything except for breathing. I was just reading another trisomy site ( and realizing how strong you amazing parents of these amazing children are. More amazing parents of amazing children here:, and of course, all the parents of the ones who have preceded us into eternity. What blessings, all of you!!


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