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Saturday, July 7, 2012

checking in

i have been meaning to blog about life with us nowadays.  i am often speechless and overwhelmed with gratitude for baby john- or dolphin as the kids still call him(indeed he responds to both names interchangeably).
he has been such a blessing to us all.  such light and joy.  i feel a pang of guilt when i remember how i met the news of his pregnancy with such regret and feelings of insecurity.  i felt i wasn't ready.  but God disagreed.  and boy, am i glad he did!
john is about the size of a small toddler.  he's giving my rotator cuff some trouble but there is no sweeter burden.  he is crawling and pulling up. he loves to swim.  he loves bugs.  he loves to nurse(shocking, no?).  he loves his siblings very reciprocally.  it's been a lovely time for us all.

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