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Sunday, June 13, 2010


this tuesday will be two weeks from the time we found out that our baby had some problems. this wednesday will be the two week mark from the high resolution ultrasound that confirmed a few soft markers* that suggested a trisomy13 diagnosis.
our friends and family have surrounded us with love and prayers- the only way we have gotten through these past two weeks.
i've had such a swirling of thoughts and emotions. it's been tough- but the reminder that this earth is not our home and this life isn't the final experience our souls will have has helped greatly.
the baby kicks give me hope. i offer praise to God with each small movement.
this journey will be tough- but i pray that it brings my family closer together and offers lessons to us on the beautiful gift that is life.

*cleft pallet, cleft lip, club foot, fluid pockets on the brain- i think they stopped there and there were more markers. next ultrasound i plan on asking for the whole story and bringing a notebook for jotting things down.

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