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Sunday, October 17, 2010

false labor

thursday night i had a pick-up of a different type of contractions. they had a bit of an edge. they were timeable and i started to worry. i had just that day finished all my school work for the rest of the semester- all but quizzes and finals of course. well, it occured to me that i had a spanish quiz waiting to be taken. so, since i was up timing these edgy contractions, i decided time would be better spent taking this quiz. halfway through the quiz- at about 3:30 AM, mary jane awoke with a cough- a croupy cough.
i gave her a breathing treatment and tucked her into bed. i moved franky from her position by the open window over to a warmer position next to chris. when she rolled over i could detect the tight breath of croup in her as well. i think at this point all contractions ceased. i finished the quiz and came to bed soon after. george awoke friday morning with the same barky cough and hoarse voice.
i'm pretty sure my body shut off all attempts at labor so that i could tend to the sicklings. i was expecting a pick-up in the contractions friday evening- that's how george's labor went. so i took a big break friday. we kept it simple and loungy- watching inordinate amounts of pbs kids shows in our pjs.
i think we are wrapping up the croup. franky and mj are acting healthier. fevers are gone. cough is looser.
but i am SO comfortable being pregnant for a bit longer. the nice weather gets me walking outside and just taking those deep satisfied breaths. looking around at the swaying trees and listening to the distant sounds of children freed from their homes. i'm soaking it all in- enjoying having jedi reside for another day tucked away in my womb. enjoying his stretches, his hiccups, his punches.


  1. My dear whizbeff--I'm thinking about you every day.
    Lots of love,

  2. speaking of illness. Have you spoken to the hospital about making sure the children will be allowed in? I don't know if it is RSV season yet or not but when I had Colman (end of November) we didn't have anyone to watch the children and we had to have permission for them to come in to the delivery room from the head nurse at the hospital. They were very helpful but I did have to get it in writing and brought it to the birth with us -Braedon was with us and even helped cut the cord!


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