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Monday, November 29, 2010

video- jedi one day old


  1. So very precious! Matthew opened his eyes only minutes before going home. John will never forget him looking back up at him. I know you and your family cherished every day you had with your sweet Jedi. I love how he looked around soaking in the sounds.

  2. what a beautiful memory to have!
    love you guys

  3. Oh Liz - Jedi had the most beautiful eyes! Hugs to you! xoxo

  4. His eyes are so stunning! I love how he followed voices. A day does not go by we pray for you all ..

  5. It's so great to see video of Jedi. Thank you for posting. I love how he was so comforted when you touched his cheek.

    Elizabeth, if you ever want to get out for a little while just let me or any of the other ICANers know. We're here for you whenever you need us.


  6. Thank you, Elizabeth, for continuing to share your sweet Jedidiah with us. I never got to meet him so this video is the next best thing. He had such beautiful, observant eyes.

  7. Elizabeth,

    You are a living example of Christ's love, Mother Theresa's life's work, and a modern mother's tender heart. In one Bible passage it mentions being kind to strangers because they could be angels visiting among us. Yes, your little Jedi was a visitor from heaven, and you all welcomed him and loved him. Even those of us who do not know you are touched and reminded of what Jesus would have done. You encourage us to walk the walk. Thank you and St. Jedidiah.

  8. It's such a blessing for me to get to see him. The still photos have been wonderful, but to see him alert and responding is a treasure. Thank you.

  9. finally was able to make the videos work on my laptop. thank you so much for sharing him with us. those beautiful eyes!


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