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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

eleven days

today started rocky. during a diaper change he spit up. he's never
spit up so i wasn't prepared. i ran to te bathroom and got a suction
bulb and cleared him out but not before he aspirated a little. so, i
really began to worry about his lungs being rattley- they sounded so
he is a fighter- and with a little help from daddy's steamy shower and
some eucalyptus oil on the blankie, not to mention some timely
suctions- he cleared up nicely.
lesson of the day is- do not attempt to change his diaper within an
hour after a feed. the compression of his stomach will cause the spit
up/aspirate/suction cycle.

and jedi got to participate in his first family rosary tonight.
samantha asked if we couldn't pick back up on the nightly family
rosary routine. it was nice- i don't see why not:)

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  1. Jedi is as Blessed to have you as a Mom so loving, so intuned, so not afraid of what he you are to have him!!!



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