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Sunday, November 21, 2010

the existence of God

many of you know that i have been in school during my pregnancy. i am collecting credits in pre-requisites for nursing school. i hope to ultimately become a midwife. this semester i am taking anatomy&physiology. we have touched on many aspects of biology over the last few months. so while i was learning from prenatal ultrasound and various specialists- not to mention google, i was also learning via lecture and textbook.
when we learned about cellular mitosis- how cells divide and reproduce themselves- my faith in God obtained a clear confirmation. the cell- so small. it holds all the mapping and information it needs to carry out it's purpose and reproduce itself. during mitosis the strands of DNA are photocopied and the copies go live in the new cell. at this pivotal moment- if the very slightest most intricate detail gets screwed up- then everything goes haywire. cancer, leukemia, mitochondrial disease, trisomy.
life is SO very fragile. and we're supposed to believe that somehow by some miraculous series of events life just came to be? the big bang became single celled organisms, became tadpoles, became fish, became amphibians, became apes, became us????
so half of jedi's cells had three of the 18th chromosome. and he lived for 13 wonderful days. and God is the only one who could have thought life into existence. there simply is no other explanation. no other way. there is divinity at work.


  1. Praying with you; families will be blessed by a midwife like you. Our older daughter (now 30) was delivered by a midwife >>> she herself is now an MSN in the ER (and would love to be able to have a family - hasn't happened yet :(

    Our two other married kids have had midwife prenatal care and deliveries (unless complicated).

    You will bring so much of God's Love to these families! May He carry you through these times.

  2. I was just saying the same thing to a friend a couple of days ago. There has to be more to all of us than random chance. Random chance violates the laws of thermodynamics. And the amazing miraculous events that unfold in the first minutes, hours, weeks of life in utero are so complex- I don't see how this came about by chance from protobiont building blocks or whatever. That we are here and exist, in all of our complexity, is evidence for me.

  3. Liz,
    With every post I read my heart breaks and is renewed. As a mother it only takes the thought of losing your child to take your breath away. However, God has kissed you with a cross that will be a light for many. I, along with many others, will look to your example as what it means to cherish life, and give credit to each moment God gives us.
    Thank you for that.
    Prayers always,
    Anna Liesemeyer

  4. wow nursing school, that is awesome liz.
    you will be great at being a midwife and your faith will guide you every step of the way
    love ya

  5. Thinking of you... thank you for sharing your precious son... While I've linked to your beautiful blog, Please do when you have time, share his story on the living with trisomy 13 website. Its stories like yours that will help others on this most unique of life - journey.

  6. What a blessing that you are studying nursing and midwifery. Many mothers will be fortunate to have you as their care provider!


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