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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The parking lot

on our way home from the hospital monday we drove past the parking lot
on the corner of spring and 17th. the same parking lot in the blog
post "praise God" where we waited with uncle father kevin for the
minibus's flat tire to fixed. i kind of felt a connection through
time and space with him at that moment in our drive.
he called last night and said that he'd been trekking all over the
afghani countryside, visiting the soldiers in other bases- bringing
them Christ. he had this feeling that he just wanted to get back to
his home base- to sleep on his airmattress instead of the hard cots
that gave him shoulder cramps. once back to his homebase the feeling
didn't leave. he said he felt down and a little depressed and finally
realized that he didn't want to be at his home base- he wanted to be
home, with his family. i want him home too. i miss him and know that
the distance eats at him.
i ask God to sustain him. keep him strong so as to fulfill His
mission- whatever that may be.

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  1. I'm so grateful he has you praying for him.


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