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Sunday, November 7, 2010

quick update

i just have a moment for a quick update on jedi.
he's doing amazingly and miraculously well. he sleeps well. when
awake he locks in on people when they talk to him and tracks your
voice. he is tolerating the feeding tube- feedings go smoothly, no
spitting up or aspirating.
he does have problems with apnea- when he just stops breathing- but
he's much improved since the first night- about 6-7 episodes then.
he's not on oxygen except for after an apnea episode- just to get him
pink again.
and he's just such a little bundle of love. his skin is velvety
smooth and his hair is old-man style- balding on top and kind of
kinky, dark brown, and long-ish around the back and sides.
he enjoys skin to skin, especially with daddy since he's got the
higher body temperature of the both of us. and i am working on
getting a milk supply up so that jedi can get some home made goodness

the prayer request for today is thanksgiving. so many times we are
quick to ask for friends to pray for our needs, wants, desires- but
fail to ask them to join us in thanksgiving.
so please- let God hear your voice today- thank Him for His many many


  1. Will offer up my communion at mass today in thanksgiving for Jedi and for all of the many blessings that He is showering upon you, your family, and all of those around you.

  2. Elizabeth,

    It's so odd to say you do not know me when your journey has become so a part of our current life, thoughts and prayers.
    (Your sister is my daughter's teacher).

    Our prayers today as are you request of thanksgiving and all your intentions.

    The photo of you and Jedidiah is precious. He is so beautiful! Thank you for posting.

    Warmly & In Christ,
    Francesca Sichenze-Bryant

  3. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Thank you for every minute you have given, thank you for every smile that has been shared thru this uneven ground, thank you for the blessing of hearing Jedidiah breath, thank you for the technology to help his struggles, than you for the Dr.'s who can answer the questions, thank you for the simple things like the way Jedi smells, the beautiful skin you have given him and thank you for the gift of time....although we tend to think we can never have enough time you have given us so much already! I am so thankful for all YOU have given to my friend Elizabeth and her family!
    Thank you for bringing us closer to YOU thru this beautiful gift named Jedidiah Joseph Arendale!

  4. Baby Jedidiah is so beautiful! And you Liz are such a testimony to grace filled motherhood and true self sacrifice. I am so blessed to know you and to follow your story. Your family and beautiful newborn baby are in our prayers. With love...

  5. Congratulations on the arrival of Jedidiah. You have been blessed and he has been blessed with a wonderful loving mother.

  6. Sending Prayers for you and your family. With Grateful Praise of Jedidiah and this new LIFE in your arms. How beautiful and wonderfully made are these most precious of souls. May you continually feel the abundant blessings they bring with them.

  7. (((Liz))) We have already been praising and Thanking God! I offered Mass and prayed during adoration for you ALL this morning.
    Our God IS an awesome God! And you are an AWESOME momma!

  8. Your son Jedidiah is beyond beautiful!! He is such an inspiration to me! He has made such an impact on so many lives and he has only been here on earth for such a short time! Jedi is a great gift from God. Sending more prayers for you and your family!

  9. Elizabeth, I'm so thankful to God and happy for you all! I look forward to more updates about beautiful Jedidiah and will be keeping him, and all of you, in my thoughts and prayers! Glenda Parkman (Rebecca's Mom, from the LWT 13 website)

  10. Congratulations and God Bless You. Jedidiah is a beautiful baby!!! AND so blessed. God chose the right family to share this amazing miracle of life. --- Thank you. You and your family will be in our daily prayers.

  11. You don't know me, you know my sister Julia Stell. We've been praying for your family and sweet Jedi. The graces flowing out of your faithful and courageous call to love are reaching so many people, in ways we can't even begin to fathom. Thank you for sharing this journey. Please know I will continue to keep this vigil with you in prayer.

  12. God Bless You, your family and your precious gift, Jedidiah. Sending an abundance of love and prayers to you all. Little Jedidiah is beautiful and a wonderful blessing praise God and all his Glory. May He continue to bless you, Jedidiah and your entire family!

  13. So much gratitude here for every second and every answered prayer.

  14. Sofia and I offered up mass and I offered up communion for your intentions and Jedi today. May God bless you both.
    lots of love,
    Andrea, Sofia and Baby Fricano

  15. Thanksgiving , gratitude and prayers for every moment .Such a tiny little person ,such a huge miracle , such a blessing for many more then you will ever know.
    Love,Emma in Norway

  16. Praise God for the sweet little blessing of baby Jedidiah! I was directed to your blog and wanted to offer my thanks to your family for being such a great witness to life and to God's awesome love for us all! While I don't have experience with Trisomy 13, our daughter Mary Grace was diagnosed with Triploidy (3 sets of all chromosomes). She was with us for almost 4 weeks after her diagnosis (in utero) but did not make it to birth. I can't tell you what a blessing you have in your arms right now! We longed to be able to hold our daughter even for just a few minutes alive. God can weave such a beautiful story with Jedidiah's little life! Our family is praying for yours!
    In Christ,
    Angela Holmes

  17. Thinking and praying for your family. Thanks to our Lord for this gift.

    Mauro and Stacey Rundini

  18. Hi Jedi, My name is Stephen. I am your Grandmother Barbara Arendale's 2nd cousin. That would make you and me 4th cousins. My Mama, Diana, told me about you. I see the pictures of you and I think you must be an angel because I see tremendous Love on the faces of your mom, dad, the priest, the sisters and others reflecting the bright Love that you are shining on all of us. And what amazing Love it is! You are a beautiful boy! I thank God for you. Bless you. The Peace of The Lord be always with you, your mom, dad, brothers, sisters and grandparents.
    Loving prayers are being sent for you right now.
    Stephen in Nashville

  19. Praying for you Elizabeth and your family.

    My oldest boy asked if they could pray for Jedidiah today, and I said that's a great idea.


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