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Thursday, November 25, 2010

an attitude of gratitude

this morning i was able to attend mass and thank God for jedi's short
but wonderful life.
now i thank all of you- my prayer warriors. you knocked and knocked
and our Lord listened.
i am pretty sure jedi is thankful for your prayers as well- so
thankful that he's ready to pay back with interest. don't be afraid
to cash that in. i'm not shy about asking him to go before the throne
of God on my behalf. i ask multiple times a day.


  1. Oh yes! The girls are often asking me questions about Jedi. Many that I have a hard time answering but explaining to them that not one sin has ever been done by him I say that he is cradled by the Lord and that they can ask him to intercede.
    Teresa and Kailee are so excited to have little saint Jedi, their GodBrother!, in the family.... You really are very special to us all, and though we have not seen you to touch your cheek, you are very important to them.

  2. I'm asking St. Jedi to intercede with comfort for another family who just lost a son - our piano teacher's son died in a car accident today. St. Jedi, pray for Steven's soul, and beg God for comfort for all those left behind!


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