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Friday, November 12, 2010

one week old!!!

and he is blessing us with normal baby behavior- crying because he is
he slept ALL day yesterday- saving up his energy so he could complain
about something i ate!
a week! one week old! what a miracle, wrapped in a blessing, inside
a gift. i am so utterly thankful.

and to thank God- because i am starting to learn that this is the
paradoxical way He works- i will ask for more:)
uncle father kevin comes back for his two week break in january. on
the phone a couple days ago he said it was something like 60 days from
i am daring to dream, daring to hope, daring to ask God to allow jedi
to meet his uncle.
won't you join me in thanking God by asking for more?


  1. Prayers that Uncle Father Kevin will get to snuggle this little blessing.

  2. Our family is praying for Jedidiah,your family and Fr. Kevin...and yes, continue to dream and hope...if it is God's will it will happen. God bless you and your family! We're also praying for Fr. Joe.

  3. Happy 1st week birthday Jedi!!! May you have many many more weeks ahead...
    The Pasatiempo's

  4. Congratulations! God is generous beyond our wildest dreams! (And I love your family portrait.)

  5. Absolutely!!! Prayers for "the meeting"!

    I thought about you and Jedi this morning and how it's one week already! I can't even begin to imagine your joy and thankfulness... relishing in every moment :)

    I love your family portrait too - so candid!

  6. Thank you, God. I want to ask for more of Your will to be done.

    Happy 1-week Birthday, Jedi!

  7. I dare to hope too! Please god!

  8. It was just about this time last week I got the call to pray for you and Jedi, What an answer we all received!!! Only God can answer with so much more then we ask for! Thank you Jedi for being in our life, thank you Liz for being such an amazing friend and witness to us all, thank you God for the wonderful husband you have given Liz! I do not feel worthy even to witness so much faith and love!

    Love you guys!

  9. This brings tears to my eyes...the power of prayer amazes me. Liz and Chris I am so happy for your family. I will pray with you.

  10. Your posts pull at my heart, Elizabeth. I want to shout, "YES!!! Praise God and thank you, Lord for Jedi being with us for a week!"

    Let us pray for Fr. Kevin's safe return and being able to hold his little nephew.

    Thy will be done, Lord. Your way is perfect. Let us not forget You are in charge, whether we like Your will or not.


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