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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

40 weeks and 6 days appointment update

i went to doctor tate this morning, and since at one time chris and i had talked about looking at induction around 41 weeks we needed to ask some questions. as i have said, i'm really feeling at peace right now and am thinking less and less about inducing. chris- meanwhile- has kept this idea in his head.
so we needed to all three of us talk about it.
i asked dr tate what were the risks of waiting opposed to the risks for inducing at this time.
we talked about it for awhile and we all came to the same page of waiting for things to go naturally. he measured my tummy- still 35 weeks. he did a quick ultrasound- head down, good heartbeat- but the amniotic fluid was lower than last weeks ultrasound. so based on that finding he was a little anxious to see what my cervix was doing.
posterior, -3 station, 20% effaced, and 3 cm.
that really reinforced our decision to not seek induction. my bishop score was REALLY low- like <4- so my body would not take an induction very easily and my risk for a c-section following a failed induction would be high.
i'm SO glad i picked him as a doctor.

so- the prayer requests for today are---
for an increase in amniotic fluid.
for my body to start preparing for labor.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that we will be adding this to our prayer list and thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. Hang in there in these last few days. Your body works. And your cervix is not a crystal ball! Enjoy your nice round tummy and giving Jedidiah a warm, soft home for another few days. I think of you and your family every day.

  3. Praying for all of you!

  4. We are praying constanty. Peace to you and your family. We love Jedidiah and all of you.

  5. It is so hard at the end. I am praying for you and your family.

  6. praying for you and your husband. May God be glorified and may He minister to you mightily!


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