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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

talking with the kids

we were saying a belly-rubbing rosary a couple of nights ago when, in the middle of the 4th and 5th mysteries, and after we said our special prayer for jedidiah, samantha asks “what does ‘thy will be done’ mean?”
“it means that we are voicing our desire for God’s desire to happen. we want what God wants. even if it is the hardest thing. God could ask jedidiah to come to Him tonight. He could work a miracle and allow him to live for ten years! we don’t know what God’s will is but whatever happens, God is looking out for us and it’s for the best.”
after this, the kids started flooding the room with wants and desires.
samantha-“i want him to be born alive. i want to hold him while he’s alive.”
me- from the very bottom of my heart, “i do too.”
samantha- with her eyes open wide “that means EVERY kick is a miracle.”
henry- “i wish this was all a fraud.”
george- “i wish God would work a meow-uh-cull and jedidiah would live LONGER than ten years.”
max remained silent but i knew his thoughts ran deep. i’ll have to have a one on one conversation with him if i ever want to know them. maybe a date with mommy is in order.


  1. A meow-uh-cull would be nice.
    Sigh, this is such a defining moment in your kids' lives. Your witness is strong and will impact them for a lifetime.
    Henry's comment brought a chuckle. Such big words :)

  2. this brought tears to my eyes. we kept a special intention for jedi's big brothers and sisters tonight when we said our prayers before bed.

  3. Yes, Henry has an interesting perspective. As the oldest and leader of the crew, I could sence this being tough on him in a different way. It was like he is used to semi helping and doing what you ask him to do with the others (even if most days he is a mule about it), but he can't physically help Jedi. Maybe him and max need a mommy and Jedi date. And max- deep max. So many prayers for you guys! I am sad that we missed out on this family prayer ritual while at the beach, but our prayers unite now in heaven.


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