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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

anatomy and physiology

i have lab tonight. in each of my last two labs we have touched on topics that come close to home. at lab last wednesday we talked about mitosis and DNA replication, chromosomes, etc. i kept thinking of jedidiah's first moments. how he was dealt a different hand than most of the rest of us. how he must have struggled during those first weeks. he desired life. he fought. he already has a will like his father.
i spoke with a friend this past weekend of an episode of braxton hicks contractions i had earlier in this pregnancy. it came during a weekend so i could afford to lay down and take it easy for a few days. i'm not accustomed to having braxton hicks contractions at 14-15 weeks so it worried me a bit.
but then...
everything about this pregnancy has been weird, from the very beginning.
i was more sick and more tired. i was swelling early on- like at 8 weeks- which is not normal for me. i didn't feel movement until after 19 weeks i think- which is really late for a seasoned mom such as myself.
so i sit here, schooling the kids, browsing over my lab book in the process. looking for anything that might require some strength on my part- just a heads up for my heart. but cell transport and permeability don't sound too hard to handle, so i think i'll be ok.

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  1. Let me know if you need any help with this class as well, specifically the biochem subjects, DNA, etc.

    Amazing how from the get-go you felt like things were different and that this pregnancy manifested itself differently.


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