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Monday, September 20, 2010

quote from biography of blessed margaret of castello

i was reading the biography of blessed margaret of castello last night to the kids and came across this beautiful passage...
to give some background, margaret was born of royalty. she lived in a mountain fort with them and their serfs, lords, ladies, etc. she was very friendly and visited the soldiers wives almost daily. some of them became close to her- so when she was six and was put into a cell(much like rapunzel- but for different reasons) the wives reacted in different ways. here's a meeting between the serfdom's priest, a soldier(second in command), and his wife.

"isn't it strange how few of us Christians really put into practice what our Faith teaches us?"
"why, what do you mean- put into practice-?
"Well," replied the priest, "our Faith teaches that God created us to love Him, and in that love to find eternal and perfect happiness. My greatest aim then, in a life filled with all kinds of obstacles and distractions, should be to develop to the highest degree my love of God. To do this, I do not need eyesight, or a normal body, or the love and affection of my fellow man- agreeable and pleasant as all these things are."
The priest was staring at the burning logs of the hearth and seemed to be speaking to himself, rather than to his friends.
"now, little margaret understands this very clearly. and she also knows that one of the most efficacious ways in which love can be deepended, strengthened, purified, is by suffering. our savior taught us that the royal road to perfect love is the Cross. evereyone has noticed how contented and cheerful margaret has always been; the reason is that she regards her handicaps and deformities as being merely the means whereby she can more surely reach her God."


  1. First your post was sent thru at 3:33 Trinity!!!
    I came across this novena...


    O God, by whose will the blessed
    virgin Margaret was blind from birth,
    that the eyes of her mind being
    inwardly enlightened she might think
    without ceasing on You alone, be
    the light of our eyes, that we may
    be able to flee the shadows of this
    world, and reach the home of never-
    ending light. We ask this through
    Christ, our Lord.
    Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be to
    the Father.

  2. I am always amazed how Arif has just this same sort of attitude.


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