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Thursday, September 2, 2010


today i am thirty-two years old. yesterday jedi turned thirty-two weeks old.
wednesdays have become a mini-celebration for me. it's nice that what used to be the "hump day" is now a milestone of sorts.
so here is me before mass this morning. i think i'll have to stop having the kids take my picture. it always looks like i'm concentrating for them. i guess it's because i am.:)


  1. Such a bee-yuuu-tee-full lady -- inside and out!

    Have a happy day and a year filled with blessings beyond your wildest imaginings.


  2. 32 and the blessing of being able to celebrate w/all your children surrounding you is an amazing gift!!!!! Cherish today Elizabeth....Happy Birthday!!! Have a fabulous day!
    Scott, Laura, Martha, Braedon, Abeagale, Colman and Bronx (the new puppy)

  3. Happy Birthday and happy 32 to Jedi.

  4. Happy Birthday my sweet sister. You are a beautiful mommy even if you are concentrating on the children taking the picture correctly. You and your family are in my prayers daily. I love reading about the sibling bounding. Love you lots, Kathy

  5. Oh Elizabeth, I meant to tell you, Try to have things ready for Little jedi to touch and hold in his hand. Those things I have, like my scapular and rosary mean more to me than anyone will ever know or understand. You'll understand, Let your children place their scapulars on his little chest. You'll cherish this!

  6. Oh Liz you and Jedi look beautiful ! I am so happy to finally see recent pregnant picture of you. You always look stunning especially when your with child :)
    Love you and miss you
    ANd May God continue to Bless you and fill you with His Grace

  7. 31 August--my birthday
    1 September--Stella's (#1 grandbaby in NC) birthday
    2 September--your birthday

    Happy Birthday to us all and to all birthday holders ever

  8. Liz, you are so beautiful. You look positively angelic - no - Marian.

  9. Beautiful as always Liz! INSIDE and OUT... Wish we could be there with you. You've been in my thoughts and prayers. PRAISE GOD! :)


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