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Friday, September 17, 2010

prayers needed for tomorrow's birth planning meeting

tomorrow we are meeting with a couple that had a trisomy baby a few years ago. they are going to help us walk through making a birth plan.
this is going to be like NO birth plan i have EVER made!
i am used to the "delayed cord cutting", "no episiotomy", "no bath for baby" type birth plan.
the birth plan we are going to make tomorrow is much like these. and i'm struggling to gather all the information that i need and am trying to think of all the possible situations that may arise- so i can have something written down for it.
for now i'm sure i want the following...
-a priest to be on hand for the baptism. we have three on call.
-pictures and video to be taken.
-lock of hair kept.
-footprints and handprints- bring plaster with us.
-depending on hospital protocol, i'd like to take jedi outside into the sun.
-the kids, i want the kids in there as soon as possible.
i have alot more thinking to do. if anyone reading this has ideas, email me or post a comment.
and whether you have ideas or not, please pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us tomorrow.


  1. Make sure you have special items to let Jedi touch for your children to cherish. I placed my scapular across Matthew's chest in his NICU bed. I cherish that photo and wearing it everyday. He also held a rosary a friend made for him. My children all take turns praying with it.

  2. Seeing the sun, this comment hit me hard as for the rest of us we take it for granted!(brought tears to my eyes) yes take him to the sun what a beautiful thought...he is your sunshine:-) Hugs/prayers to you in this difficult time.

  3. A friend of mine used this free photography service called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep:

    Another thing she did with her 5 children, was spend a day tie-dying t-shirts so that their baby would see bright colors when he was born (the kids at least believed he could see them) and to this day, they wear their shirts and talk about their baby brother, Sean... He was only expected to live for less than 5 minutes but God blessed them with 1 hour and 9 minutes. They had also tie-dyed his blanket to match their shirts...


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