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Thursday, July 29, 2010

family (bellyrubbing) rosaries

we are starting a new kind of family rosary in our house. using the belly rub that my friend maryann marshall gave me, the kids take turns massaging jedi in the womb while praying a decade each. we enjoyed this so much that the kids are begging to do this again tonight.
during max's decade, jedi gave him a swift kick(or punch). max's eyes lit up. max announced after the rosary that jedi liked him most.

the bellyrub consists of a collection of essential oils that maryann has learned support proper DNA function. it smells lemony and spicy and i LOVE it.


  1. What a sweet, beautiful way that you are making Jedi a part of your family. I know they're all in love w/ him. How wonderful for him to be surrounded by such love.

  2. oh, the kids just love to feel him, talk about him, dream of him. this pregnancy has really taught them a new appreciation of when life truly begins.


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