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Monday, September 27, 2010

good news!!!!!

he's head down!!!
now i'm going home to do squats and walk- keep him that way before he decides to change his mind.
thanks- as always- for all your prayers!!!


  1. Praise God!!!

    Thanks for sharing the great news! :)

  2. I loved my viritual Dr. Tate appointment today. Please don't forget your laptop next week! And right, I'm thrilled to hear that he's head down :-)

  3. Elizabeth - I am a friend of the family's. I played soccer against Denise, attended retreats with Sean, see Margaret as our pediatrician, my husband has treated Fr. Joe, and I have listened intently to Fr. Kevin's talks. We are praying for your family and your little angel, Jedi. I just read all of your posted blogs and am very inspired, amazed, and impressed by your loving family. My heart goes out to you. We just had our second baby whom we named Elizabeth and she has Trisomy 21. God Bless.


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