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Friday, August 6, 2010

blessed margaret of castello

a woman at church told me that she is praying for blessed margaret of castello to intercede for us. she is so sweet. she talks to jedi everytime i see her. wednesday she tried to teach him "GO DAWGS!", until i told her that his dad wouldn't appreciate that lesson very much. i asked her to tell me more about blessed margaret and she related the story. i googled her when i got home and found this.
pretty touching. i know historically people were just SO embarassed about their special needs child- but it really shocks me when i run into a similar sentiment in current times. i think it is similar to the shock I had when i learned that bigotry was still alive and kicking. i was pretty sheltered:)


  1. Jedi is planned PERFECTLY the way God wants him to be!! If anyone has anything to say about him, well....I just have to say bring it on! Jedi is a force to b reckoned with! He has already beat & overcome the odds against him. Keep on keeping on & Godspeed Jedi! Your Aunt loves you!

  2. regina, i was thinking about this comment this evening. it's similar to my thought that chris isn't perfect- but he's perfect for me and the kids. jedi isn't perfect, but he's perfect for us- for the mission God has for him.


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