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Saturday, August 21, 2010

need help finding an image

first of all this is a really really poor depiction of a beautiful image my mind keeps going to.

i have seen this picture in a prayer book. i don't know which one. but i really like it and want to know how i can find it. i've tried google images but nothing.
i wonder if anyone out there is gifted in searching could help.
i feel like it would be a nice image to have on a prayer card for jedidiah.


  1. Do you want it to be Mary? or an Angel? I have an ornament Kathy got me after my miscarriage and I love how it resembled an angel carrying my baby to heaven. What do you think? Maybe you could look at it and sketch something from that. Love you & thank you for sharing your heart as you carry & embrace the cross God has given you. He has chosen you, your family, & Jedi for a reason! Sending you & Jedi a BIG hug!

  2. Is it anything like this one?

    Found here:


    Do you remember if it was a specific Marian image?

  4. it is an image, probably not widely known. for some reason i think it's an older image. like 50s?
    i thought it was in the green prayer book for children. the one that looks like it has a picture of mary jane on the cover of.
    it may be in the prayer book that is out at church on first friday/saturday devotions- that daily prayers book that has the sacred heart on the front.
    if it's not in the daily prayers book it must have been in a book that i browsed through in south dakota and i'll get sister mary agnes on the case.

  5. i found it!!! it was in "my jesus and i"- the old paperback book from the 50s-60s. ours is pretty tattered and this morning i found it by the sewing machine.
    the picture has this text underneath it.
    "now and at the hour of our death- amen.
    someday i shall die. then mary will take care of me." and it has little cherubs holding flowers all around on clouds. i'm going to write and ask if i can use the image.

  6. That's beautiful, Liz! ((((((hugs))))


  8. BTW - we can make a JPEG image out of the picture you have and then the prayer card people that I usually use can take that image and put it on a prayer card with any text you would like.

  9. Glad you found it. We have the My Jesus and I book as well, I will go look it up. Love your paint job ;)


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