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Saturday, August 7, 2010

feeling bigger

on our recent trip to south dakota(mid july) i had an odd feeling that jedi wasn't growing fast enough. i kept thinking "i am 7 months and am actually comfortable in a car! something isn't right."
when we got to south dakota and i had a moment to myself, i laid down and felt for the top of my uterus. i knew that belly button height is 20 weeks, and that's just where i felt it. but at the time i was 25 weeks. i decided to check it again later, thinking he may just be laying weird.
it continued to lay right at my belly button. so at the next ultrasound(27 weeks) at the perinatologists, i asked for a measurement. the ultrasound tech must have had a list of things to capture, but before she started in on her checklist she measured the femur. in my personal ultrasound history my babies legs always measure 2 weeks ahead of their gestation. so, when she said "27 weeks" i wasn't completely relieved.
i waited for the ultrasound to finish before i asked what the total measurements told her. that's when she said "he's below fifth percentile".
so, i am now 28 weeks, and things are starting to get uncomfortable. this is such a weird pregnancy! where before i was cursing the inability to tie shoes, pick up toys, curl up on the couch, turn over in bed without it being a big production.
so, just based on mother's intuition, i think it's safe to say - he's growing!

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