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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

forgotten stash of videos

i was feeling down- sad because i felt that we should have taken more video of him- when i found a forgotten stash, taken by my sister christina's iphone. if you are expecting a baby that won't live long- have someone take as much video as possible! i sit and watch these videos over and over sometimes. and having videos of different situations is nice.

his cleft lip left mouth breathing as his only option. so his mouth would become dry quickly. if left dry for too long, ulcers would form. so we would routinely sponge some water onto his lips. sometimes he would open his mouth really big and then clamp down on the sponge- the result was a big gulp of water! his eyes would widen and you could tell he liked it.


  1. My 5 year old and I were just watching this video when he asks me if that is Holy Mary and Baby Jesus. . .
    Sending much love and prayers to all of you during this most difficult time. . .
    Mary and Family

  2. Awww how precious . I love seeing your precious videos of Jedi and the love and compassion in your calmimg true for any one photos and videos are so wonderful!

    love and prayers ....


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