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Saturday, August 18, 2012

our PC caught a virus

and chris couldn't save anything from the memory. 
all the pictures.  all the video. 
i took the news surprisingly well.  but i told him "that is all we have of jedidiah."
he fiddled with it for another hour and then decided to turn it over to a specialist. 
but the latest news from the specialist isn't great.  they said they could access and move all of our music.  but they said they only found a few picture files. 
i just hope and pray that his file is among the ones they found. 


  1. Oh Liz, I will pray they find the files. Hopefully friends and family have some save also. Love you

  2. I still have everything.... Always, God willing. But I'd make some CD's now or something to burn them too and place in lockbox for future. Also perhaps a second book ordered through sue and places in special keeping for when the kids grow up they have a totally untouched copy to look through and remember.


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