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Friday, May 27, 2011

one year anniversary of naming of jedi

on the way to huntsville last memorial day i was knitting the
beginnings of jedi's blue blanket. we didn't know what gender he
was. in fact the wednesday after memorial day was to be our first
ultrasound- the ultrasound that first let us know everything was not
ok. on our way to huntsville we talked over names. i already had the
middle name picked out. i wanted joseph and i was waiting for chris
to pick a nice first name. chris said he liked the name jed. so i
said "what about jedidiah?". i remembered seeing that name on bumper
stickers in san diego when we lived there. so it was decided. if he
was a girl we were going to go with charlotte rose.

it's hard to remember what life was like before jedi had something
wrong. how his future extended before us. how we dreamed of him
growing up with the kids- learning to ride a bike, dig for worms, and
climb trees.
my first ultrasound with dolphin (the name given the current womb baby
by his older sister mary jane) i sat on the table and looked up at the
tv screen on the wall. it took me back to the peri's office and all
those "abnormal" boxes the ultrasound tech kept checking with jedi.
there was about one or two boxes she checked "normal".
although i never cried during any of jedi's ultrasound i burst out
crying there on the table with dolphin- and they hadn't even turned on
the machine!
chris grabbed me some tissues. ultrasounds now no longer mean the
same thing. they used to be all cute and "we get to peek in at our
baby this thursday!" and "we're going to find out what gender our baby
is tomorrow!"
no, now when i hear about someone getting an ultrasound i kind of hold
my breath. i pray that whatever learned in that room- good or bad-
comes with the adequate graces.


st. jedidiah, pray for us!


  1. Elizabeth - I'm sorry that so much is different now - you're a different person - changed forever. It doesn't mean worse - just different. You didn't get a choice, but it's like taking the blue pill in the Matrix, you can't go back, only forward. I pray for peace and contentment for you as you have to say yes to God.

    St. Jedi pray for Elizabeth.

  2. I know. I'm sorry it is so hard for you, but we're changed. I am so happy for you to be expecting another blessing and am praying today for health.

    Mallorie's name is Mallorie Rose Charlotte .... I smiled when I read that you were going to name Jedidiah "Charlotte Rose" if he'd been a girl. :)

    Blessings on you today.

  3. Elizabeth-

    You have been in my thoughts, and I came back here today. I am happy for you for the blessing you carry.

    I continue to pray for peace and healing for you and your family.



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