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Friday, January 21, 2011

The prolife march

it was so nice for my family to be together again for this cause.
especially touching was being able to walk with father kevin. it's
hard when i think of how temporary his r&r leave is.
i shared jedidiah's story with many people. and that made me warm,
despite the cold. the more people who know him- and know that life is
SO very beautiful, no matter how long it is, nor what is accomplished-
the easier the grief is.

several people expressed desire to order their own sweatshirt. email
me at Arendale(at)charter(dot)net. if you'd like one of your own.


  1. Hey - we walked by your family much of the walk today, and I've known your family through IHM and HC (and Christina with the plays) and I just wanted to share how much Jedi inspired me during the walk, and how PROUD he must be being a member of your family(ies). Thank you for writing and sharing your story and choosing Life, and helping so so many realize that if we live 1 day, 13 days, or 99 years - they are precious. I won't forget your precious son, and will keep your family in my prayers and in thanksgiving too - Jedi is gorgeous and in God's image.

    Much love, peace, and continued blessings....

  2. oh!!! me me me!!
    all of us!!! please????
    let me know costs and what not....
    We think so often of sweet jedi, and though we have not met him in person, we know he's there in the comforts of heaven listening to us as we speak to him!

  3. Your story is so inspirational, & your strength is an inspiration to me & all who has lost a love one!
    ~Love Your
    Anatomy Lab Partner!

  4. Can't wait to wear our St. Jedidiah sweatshirts proudly all over town! What a great way to honor and show our love for him and, respect for all human life.


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