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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jedi Master: a poem

this is a poem written by one of my sister's colleagues- Eddie Mulholland.  I nearly forgot about it until she reminded me of it today.

Jedi Master

I don't aspire to use The Force

Blindfolded, a light saber

Wielding, while I lift some rocks

Through grueling mental labor.

That notwithstanding, I would love

To fly from earth, and yet I

Have higher aspirations still:

To be another Jedi.

Though not the type like Qui-gon

Like Mace Windu or like Obi-wan

My master is a baby boy

And I his bumbling padawan.

Young Jedidiah Arendale

In thirteen earthly days

Learned all he ever needed

To face his Maker's gaze.

He brandished his new baptized grace

He parried sin's rebellions

He triumphed through Christ's victory

and vanquished fiendish hellions.

His body wracked with illness,

Abnormalities trisomic,

Did not impede his inner strength

Which went beyond atomic.

When I was young I wished Yoda

Had taught me all his skills

But now one insignificant

in worldly eyes who thrills

from having entered heaven's gates

like lightning, even faster,

has schooled me in the ways of light,

Well done, my Jedi Master!


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