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Saturday, March 14, 2015

For my sisters

I began this blog for a few reasons. one reason was to share my story and by doing so help future moms navigate certain aspects of losing a baby.  I never believed I'd be writing for my sisters.  I am praying for them almost constantly- from the depth of my soul.
Jeremiah Joseph- your mommy loves you and wishes she could hold you and look into your eyes- please ask before the throne of God- that she get some consolations here before she can hold you again.  Ask God to hold her close and whisper love into her ear.  Ask God to also look out for your siblings- this will be one of many requests that we ask of you Jeremiah- so stay tuned.

Sweet Gaabriella Immaculada- first of all what a beautiful name!  You too have some work to do.  Comfort and console your mama.  Help her to go through the coming days and weeks and months.  Ask God to gently protect her and keep her in His palms- safe and loved.  She also longs to hold you again.  Ask God to look after your siblings- you are their advocate now beautiful girl.

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