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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Two Joseph's: in need of prayers

Father Joseph Peek: uncle to Jedidiah, my brother.  He baptized and confirmed Jedediah before his umbilical cord was cut.  His PT scan at the end of last year came back positive for cancer.  His doctors have given him 3-9 months to live.  This is heartbreaking and has thrown me back into a place where I wonder as a child "why do people have to die????"  I got to spend the weekend with him back in January.  Head to my other blog for pictures.  But please- Pray for strength in the coming months.

Joseph Marshall: he constructed Jedidiah's pine coffin.  He also was Samantha's first guitar tutor for about a year.  He had a series of mini-strokes last week followed by a big stroke.  He is now in a coma on life support.  Doctors aren't hopeful and have suggested prayer.  He will be removed from life support soon.  Pray for strength for his family.  His wife, Maryann, a fierce prayer warrior already- is blind but has more "vision" than most.  His oldest son was in a coma himself about 10-12 years ago.  He suffers from a TBI and is mentally handicapped.  Another son is in the Salesians and is becoming a priest.  And their youngest son is Henry and Samantha's age.

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