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Thursday, August 25, 2011

12 hour growth spurt

who else thinks this growth spurt is kind of ridiculous big?
first pic is from yesterday morning. i am 26 weeks and a few days.
second pic is from last night?!?!? yes, last night.
i could. not. stop. eating. yesterday.
wonder what is going on... wish i had a womb-cam.
in other news i have my first appointment with the practice who is
going to deliver "dolphin" later today. and yesterday i found myself
really excited for the first time in a LONG time about an appointment!
with jedidiah i always felt apprehensive- kind of a protective stance
before appointments. "what are we going to learn this time?". ioften
couldn't sleep the night before- and them i felt tight all day until i
was through.
and even with this baby. the first appointment when we got an
ultrasound too was a very anxious time for me. and even after the
ultrasound showed nothing wrong i still didn't look forward to
appointments. i think i just hated the practice. they made me feel
like a number, someone to bill. i prayed and prayed to know who i
should deliver with. i couldnt go back to dr.tate- he is such a
skilled doctor and so caring too. but he only delivers at emory
midtown and i couldn't go back there and see some of those nurses.
then after going back and reading frances' birth story i recalled how
much my midwife stood by me- she delivers at a different hospital-
which importantly isn't emory midtown. and i feel peace with this
decision. a deep peace and an excitement that i haven't felt in a
long time.


  1. you look so cute! :)
    glad that you were feeling good about your doctor appt!!!
    I was curious if you had any advice as far as doctors go. We are at Piedmont seeing our regular doctors every 4 weeks, and every 4 weeks at Atlanta Prenatal Specialists. We switched Dr's at the specialist group this week to try someone new. We just didn't have a great vibe from the first one (we met with her 3 times). I guess I just want to somewhat be treated like any other mom, but at the same time I want special treatment. Or, I should say, I want to feel like they are on our side with carrying the baby, etc. The new Dr yesterday was pretty good.

    Hope you are feeling great!!

  2. katie- i'll try and answer your question in a post.


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